The PPRTA budgets 35% of its project funding to maintenance. Maintenance projects include a variety of infrastructure maintenance such as:

  • asphalt paving,
  • milling and overlay,
  • chip seal and slurry seal,
  • bridge repair and maintenance,
  • safety improvements for intersections,
  • concrete work such as replacement curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and pedestrian ramps.


The city’s PPRTA maintenance program includes bridge maintenance/rehabilitation; curb and gutter, sidewalk and concrete, and ADA pedestrian ramps; incident management/signal upgrades; and safety and traffic operations.

2019 Annual Report Numbers

Chip Seal Program
• Placed 10,013 tons of slag aggregate
• Chip Seal treatment applied on 68.0 lane miles of roadway

Digout & Patch Program
• Placed over 8,573 tons of asphalt material
• Contracted Program improved the condition of 61.07 lane miles of roadway
• In-House Crew completed 217 projects

Crack Seal Program
• Applied 988,320 lbs. of crack sealant
• Crack sealant treatment impacted 640.31 lane miles of roadway

ADA Program
• 1,357 linear feet of curb & gutter
• 4,484 square feet of sidewalk
• 33 new pedestrian ramps
• 5 retro pedestrian ramps
• 5 cross pans

Cost Share Concrete Totals
• 1,773 linear feet of curb & gutter
• 7,716 square feet of sidewalk

Pre-Overlay Concrete Totals
• 509 linear feet of curb & gutter
• 188 square feet of sidewalk
• 1 new pedestrian ramps
• 1 retro fit pedestrian rams
• 0 cross pans

On-Call Concrete Totals
• 7,384 linear feet of curb & gutter
• 33,154 square feet of sidewalk
• 31 new pedestrian ramps
• 10 retro pedestrian ramps
• 10 cross pans

Sidewalk Vertical Displacement Program
• 1,877 Total Cuts were made

Pothole Repair Program
• 4,370 Requests Completed
• 87,909 Potholes Filled

Truncated Domes (Methacrylate)
• 1,152 square feet truncated dome detectable warnings installed

2019 Annual Report Numbers

• Concrete: El Paso County spent $3,865,139 for the 2018 PPRTA Asphalt Rehabilitation Program. That amount was used for paving 23.6 centerline miles of roadway. In addition to paving these roads they were also patched, striped, shouldered, and thermoplastic street markings were installed. Sub-grade repairs were performed as necessary.

• Graveling: The Department of Public Works’ Highway Maintenance personnel graveled 13.77 centerline miles of roads including, Mid Jones Road, Bagget Road, Buckboard Drive, Forest Edge Road, Rush Road, and Pinecone Road.

• Chip Sealing: The Department of Public Works’ Highway Maintenance personnel performed chip seal on 25.65 centerline miles of roads.

• Concrete: In 2018, $1,199,84.37 was spent on concrete projects at various locations within the County. This amount was spent on pouring approximately 23,719 linear feet of sidewalk and curb and gutter, 51 pedestrian ramps and 27 cross pans.

The City of Manitou Springs uses its Maintenance funds primarily for asphalt overlays, bridge repairs, and drainage issues related to roadways.

In 2018, the Town of Green Mountain Falls continued to undertake all regular road maintenance practices including the filling of priority potholes on the Town’s limited paved roads. Town staff subjected all roads to routine grading, compaction and drainage upkeep operations. The Town experienced an extraordinary monsoon season in the form of destructive rain and hail storms that struck the area and PPRTA maintenance funds were able to restore the condition of the street system in substantially less time than it would have taken to do so with limited in-house resources.

The Town of Ramah uses its Maintenance funds for road repairs and street signs.