The PPRTA budgets 35% of its project funding to maintenance. Maintenance projects include a variety of infrastructure maintenance such as:

  • asphalt paving,
  • milling and overlay,
  • chip seal and slurry seal,
  • bridge repair and maintenance,
  • safety improvements for intersections,
  • concrete work such as replacement curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and pedestrian ramps.

The city’s PPRTA maintenance program includes bridge maintenance/rehabilitation; curb and gutter, sidewalk and concrete, and ADA pedestrian ramps; incident management/signal upgrades; and safety and traffic operations.

2022 Bridge Maintenance

PPRTA funding is used to plan and perform bridge maintenance activities to the City’s 229 major bridge structures (greater than 20 feet in length) and 232 minor bridge structures (between 4’ and 20’ in length). Since the beginning of PPRTA in 2005, the funding provided by PPRTA for bridge maintenance has been invested to address several types of maintenance efforts as described below. This investment has enabled the City to move its efforts from mostly emergency responses to a deliberate and planned bridge maintenance effort. The benefit to the community includes improvements in safety and a reduction in the loss of the use of bridges.


Performed, contracted, and completed bridge maintenance construction activities on 36
bridges. These activities were focused on repair, safety, and programmed preventative
maintenance. Most significant efforts included:

  • Performed Circle Drive Bearing Replacement.
  • Performed deck replacement of Moonbeam Drive over Peterson Creek Tributary.
  • Performed Phase I of Fillmore Rehabilitation Project.
  • Completed Delta Drive Waterproofing Project.
  • Completed pier rehabilitation at Hancock over Spring Creek.
  • Performed guardrail repair at 16 locations.
  • Performed or contracted hydraulic evaluation studies on several bridges.
  • Contracted a construction contractor, ROW specialist, and CM firm for CIPP Pipe linings to be implemented into the Bridge Maintenance Program.
  • Performed Enhanced Inspections at 24 structures.
  • Continued update on Bridge Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and identified most needed projects in next 15 years.
  • Updated and improved the Bridge Maintenance 5-Year Plan.

2022 Roadway Maintenance

PPRTA roadway maintenance focuses on preventative measures to preserve the integrity of infrastructure in the city right-of-way. Regular maintenance helps prolong the life of city infrastructure and reduces the need for costly repairs in the future. Roadway maintenance activities in 2022 included:

  • Concrete Maintenance:
    • On Call & ADA, a year-over-year increase of $1.58M in maintenance efforts
    • Cost Share, a year-over-year increase of $52K in maintenance efforts
    • Sidewalk Vertical Displacement Mitigation
    • Truncated Domes
  • Roadway Maintenance:
    • Asphalt Overlay, a year-over-year increase of $2.87M in maintenance efforts
    • Chip Seal, a year-over-year increase of $122K in maintenance efforts
    • Crack Seal, a year-over-year increase of $770K in maintenance efforts
    • Dig Out and Wide Crack Mitigation, a year-over-year decrease of $1.66M in maintenance efforts
  • Additional Maintenance:
    • Pipe, a year-over-year decrease of $260K in maintenance efforts
    • Guardrail

In 2022, efforts continued for three special projects:

  • Structures in the Right-of-Way, a partnership with City Engineering.
  • Rustic Hills – Phase 2, a partnership with City Engineering.
  • Downtown Alleyways Assessments.

Project Details

  • Installation of ADA compliant pedestrian ramps.
  • Sidewalk repairs improve accessible routes to foot traffic.
  • Curb, gutter, and cross pan repairs.
  • Inlet installation to improve drainage.
  • Median removals to improve roadway drainage.
  • Roadway profile adjustments in localized areas to improve drainage.

Highlights of efforts in 2022:

Chip Seal Program

  • 418,414 square yards placed
  • 65 lane miles completed

Dig Out and Wide Crack Mitigation Program

  • Contracted Programs: 2,009 tons of asphalt material placed
  • In-House Programs: 3,312 tons of asphalt material placed

Crack Seal Program
Contracted Programs:

  • 1,343,969 pounds of crack sealant applied
  • 583 lane miles of roadway impacted

In-House Programs:

  • 137,902 pounds of crack sealant applied
  • 67 lane miles of roadway impacted

In-House Pothole Repair Program

  • 4,245 requests completed
  • 55,171 potholes filled

Contracted Programs Sidewalk Vertical Displacement Program: 2,986 total cuts
Truncated Domes (Methacrylate): Approximately 3,224 square feet detectable warnings installed

On-Call & ADA Program

  • 67,095 linear feet of curb and gutter
  • 290,584 square feet of sidewalk
  • 125 new pedestrian ramps
  • 126 retro pedestrian ramps
  • 61 cross pans

Cost Share Concrete Totals

  • 888 linear feet of curb and gutter
  • 9,786 square feet of sidewalk

Guardrail Totals: 5 projects completed

2022 Annual Report Numbers


El Paso County spent $7,165,301.61 for the 2022 PPRTA Asphalt Rehabilitation Program. The amount was used for paving 14.0 centerline miles or 38 lane miles of roadway. In addition to paving these roads they were also patched, striped, shouldered, and thermoplastic street markings were installed. Sub-grade repairs were performed as necessary.

Crack Seal

El Paso County spent $1,307,489.31 for the 2022 PPRTA Pavement Crack Sealing program. The amount was used to seal approximately 42 centerline miles or 84 lane miles of roadway.

In addition, Slurry seal was added to the contract for 2022. The contractor completed approximately 2.2 centerline miles or 33,000 square yards of roadway.


The Department of Public Works’ Highway Maintenance personnel graveled 88.5 lane miles of roads including Murr Road, Wagon Train Loop, and Yoder Road.

Chip Sealing

The Department of Public Works’ Highway Maintenance personnel performed chip seal on 75.33 lane line miles of roads.


In 2022, $3,419,867.44 was spent on concrete projects at various locations within the County. This amount was spent on pouring approximately 14,406 square yards of sidewalk, 38,663 linear feet of curb and gutter, 785 square yards of cross pan, 697 square yards of fillet and 708 square yards of pedestrian ramps.

Janitell Road Bridge Scour Protection

Preliminary and final designs for the project were completed in 2022 using El Paso County funds. Property acquisition will be completed in early 2023, construction of the project was advertised in December of 2022 and construction is anticipated to be completed in early 2023.

The project is in Fountain Creek below Janitell Road in El Paso County. Scour has occurred at the northern bridge pier and the channel has migrated to the north cutting the toe of slope below the abutment. The bridge is considered scour vulnerable. The Project will provide scour protection for the bridge that will generally include installation of riprap at the abutment and piers and minor channel grading.

2022 Annual Report Numbers

Street Improvements

  • 2” mill and overlay on Midland Avenue, Prospect Place, & Shoshone Place. PPRTA budget is $81.985.
  • 2” mill and overlay on Canon Avenue PPRTA budget is $102,300.
  • 2” mill and overlay on Unita Road & Via Chula Vista PPRTA budget is $88,298.
  • 2” mill and overlay on Duncan Avenue, Mesa Avenue, & Michigan Avenue. PPRTA budget is $152,889.

Flood Event Protection

Inspection and repair of Canon Avenue floodgates. PPRTA budget is $13,950.

In 2022, the Town of Green Mountain Falls continued to undertake all regular road maintenance practices including the filling of priority potholes on the Town’s limited paved roads.

With respect to the remainder of the municipal street system that remains unpaved, Town staff subjected all roads to routine grading, compaction, and drainage upkeep operations. All unpaved roads were treated with a comprehensive application of magnesium chloride, both to mitigate dust impacts and preserve surface conditions.

With PPRTA funds the Town was able to purchase over 1,000 tons of road base to distribute over the aggregate roadway surfaces throughout the Town. In addition, these funds were used to purchase roadway signage materials to update the many old and outdated road signs throughout the Town.

The Town was also able to hire out services to clean and restore function to a major drainage culvert and to have a crew replace worn out thermoplastic pavement markings as well as restripe our main road.

The Town of Ramah did not expend any PPRTA funds in 2022. The town had a grant project improving drainage on Commercial Street but did not need any additional funds. Ramah has started a street sign inventory and will be replacing/upgrading and adding signs in town in 2023. Tree trimming along the intersections will also be a priority.

The Town of Calhan joined the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority effective Jan. 1, 2022. This was a great accomplishment for the town and Calhan looks forward to many years of road improvements. The Town only did minimal work in 2022 with PPRTA funds. Calhan trimmed quite a few trees that were a hazard to the roadways and installed new signage that has been sorely out of date. The Town has already made plans for a larger project in 2023 in conjunction with a water grant from the State of Colorado. The Town is still identifying what it wants to spend funds on and are anxious to do more for the citizens of Calhan.