The Regional Transportation Authority State Law requires that the governmental members of a “combination,” which is the Transportation Authority being established by two or more governments, approve a contract (a contract between governments is called an intergovernmental agreement or IGA) between the members stating the ground rules all governmental members agree to follow upon joining. Ground rules are topics such as the purpose, powers, and activities of the Authority, allocation of revenues, boundaries, and the Board of Directors.

The 2004 IGA was approved by the four initial governmental members in August, 2004 prior to the November, 2004 ballot measure, where the voters approved the establishment of the PPRTA. Then, the five members, including the Town of Ramah, which joined the PPRTA in January, 2009, approved the 2012 amended IGA to show that Ramah had joined the Authority and that the voters had approved a 10-year extension of the PPRTA Capital projects program through December 31, 2024. The second amended IGA (below) is the 2017 amendment to the IGA stating that the voters had approved adding $10 million to the I-25 Gap project to the PPRTA’s list of Capital projects for the El Paso County portion of the “Gap” project. The Third Amended IGA extends the number of years to be able to pay CDOT the $10 million contribution to the I-25 Gap project approved by the voters. The Fourth Amended IGA was added to revise the voting allocations on the Board of Directors for the six member governments. The Fifth Amended IGA was approved to recognize the Town of Calhan joining the PPRTA.

2004 Establishing IGA

2012 Amended IGA

2017 Second Amended IGA

2019 Third Amended IGA

2021 Fourth Amended IGA

2022 Fifth Amended IGA