City of Colorado Springs—Maintenance Projects

The city’s PPRTA maintenance program includes bridge maintenance/rehabilitation; curb and gutter, sidewalk and concrete, and ADA pedestrian ramps; incident management/signal upgrades; and safety and traffic operations.

Nevada Avenue Bridges

This project developed and implemented a bridge deck rehabilitation strategy to extend the life of the structure approximately 20 years. The project was completed in May 2014.


Completed projects as of June 2014

  • Cimarron Street Bridge over Monument Creek emergency repair – A structural stability issue was found at the bridge. The repair was completed in May 2014.
  • Mark Dabling Blvd. over South Rockrimmon Creek emergency repair – A sinkhole formed in the area above a culvert on Mark Dabling Blvd. The bridge team quickly responded, and the repair was completed in June 2014.
  • Bordeaux Drive trip hazard repair – A trip hazard was identified above a culvert near the intersection of Bordeaux Dr. and Lexington Dr. The on-call bridge maintenance contractor was utilized to eliminate the public safety issue.