Capital Projects Map

City of Colorado Springs—Capital Projects

Austin Bluffs Corridor: Nevada to Academy and Barnes to Old Farm

This project will design and construct improvements to widen Austin Bluffs Parkway to six through lanes and appropriate turn lanes at intersections from Nevada Avenue to Ruby/Old Farm. Project design was completed in January 2013. Construction was started in June 2013 with a projected completion in late 2014. 

On-Street Bikeway Improvements

The city’s goal is to design streets to accommodate safe and efficient bicycle travel/access. Staff is working toward constructing new bicycle facilities, modifying existing  facilities, and other bike projects in partnership with Parks and Streets Department staff.

Signal Improvements

This capital program funds traffic signal system improvements that will improve traffic safety and reduce motorist delays. PPRTA program funding is being used to provide materials for replacement of signals throughout the community that were installed more than 25 years ago. Currently 6 intersections are in design, and plans are to rebuild at 10-12 each consecutive year. Included in the intersection rebuild are illuminated street name signs.

Roadway Safety and Traffic Operations

This program includes intersection and corridor “spot” improvements to mitigate existing safety and traffic flow deficiencies. Approximately $2,284,942 has been allocated for funding small projects in 2013.

Fillmore Street Corridor

The project is the realignment of Chestnut Street to Parker Street. The realignment will enhance the operations at the intersection of Fillmore and I-25. These improvements will also accommodate future CDOT improvements to the I-25 interchange. The only remaining work to be completed is landscaping, which will take place in Spring 2014.

Woodmen Road Corridor Improvement Project – Phase II

Phase II of Woodmen Road improvements began in the winter of 2012. The city has received the 95% final design package and is working with the contractor to address comments. The ROW acquisition process began in January 2014 and is anticipated to be completed within 12 months. Project website

Vincent Drive Bridge and Extension

Phase 1 of this project — extending N. Nevada Ave. to Dublin Blvd. — was completed in late 2011. Phase 2 — moving the Vincent/Dublin intersection east to the Current-USA driveway and providing a stop condition for southbound Vincent Drive — was completed in December 2012. Phase 3 includes stabilization of Cottonwood Creek and trail connections. A FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation grant was approved for this phase, which is in final design.

Austin Bluffs Bridge Widening at Cottonwood Creek

The goal of the project is to design and construct a new bridge parallel to the existing Austin Bluffs Bridge over Cottonwood Creek (approximately 250 feet north of Woodmen Road) enhancing the north/south connectivity between residential and commercial activity centers. Construction began in April 2014 and is on schedule to be completed by July 2015.

25th Street Bridge over Fountain Creek

The existing failing bridge structure needs to be repaired or replaced to maintain vehicle circulation along 25th Street. A design study was completed in 2012 to determine the appropriate remedial measures to ensure the bridge is safe for traffic using the bridge. A structural evaluation and roadway analysis was performed, and channel improvements were recommended. The consulting engineer will finalize the design and prepare bid documents by the summer of 2014.

Garden of the Gods and Chestnut

Key elements of this project include updating the existing span-wire traffic signal with new mast-arm equipment. Analysis indicated that none of the proposed alternatives would provide enough benefit for the estimated costs. The city is currently negotiating contract price with the bidder.


Mike Chaves, City Engineer (1, 5–9) 385-5408 Kathleen Krager, Principal Traffic Engineer (2–4) 385-7628 More information on city PPRTA projects can be found on the city's website.