Capital Projects

Fifty-five percent of PPRTA funding is allocated for capital projects, which are large projects that significantly improve the region’s transportation system.

The 2004 ballot issue listed 72 specifically named transportation improvements defined as capital projects. These projects were divided into an “A” group of 45 projects, a “B” group of 16 projects, and a “C” group of 11 projects, and had to be completed in an A-B-C sequence. The City of Manitou Springs and the Town of Green Mountain Falls each received one capital project, while the City of Colorado Springs and El Paso County divided the balance of the funding for their listed capital projects.

In November 2012, voters overwhelmingly approved an extension of the capital portion of the RTA from 2015 through 2024. This revised capital project list was included on the ballot.

The first ten-year capital program approved by the voters in 2004 ended in December 2014. Of the 72 projects in the original program, our goal was to complete the 45  “A” list (priority) projects. We have completed 39 of those projects and expect to complete 44 and most of the 45th project by the time funding from the first ten-year cycle is spent.