The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) meets at 1:30 PM on the first Wednesday of each month at 14 S. Chestnut, Colorado Springs, CO 80905. Meetings are guided by the PPRTA meeting procedures.

The PPRTA Board of Directors established a 17-member Citizens Advisory CommitteeThe roster of the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority Citizen Advisory Committee to ensure that citizens are included as partners with the Board to ensure that the capital, maintenance and public transportation projects and programs approved by voters are accomplished.

The CAC consists of members appointed by the member governments: three each from Colorado Springs and El Paso County, two from Manitou Springs, and one each from Green Mountain Falls, Ramah and Calhan. Six at-large members and four alternate at-large members (who vote only when a regular member is absent) are appointed by the PPRTA Board of Directors.

The CAC, governed by its bylaws, reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for virtually all business that comes before the Board, including:

  • annual budgets and budget amendments;
  • contracts and intergovernmental agreements;
  • general oversight of all PPRTA capital, maintenance, and transit activities, including status reports from member governments;
  • Board financial practices;
  • Board policies;
  • the PPRTA annual report to the citizens;
  • CAC Bylaws; and
  • ballot measures that go to the voters.

The CAC also reviews the budgets of local government members to make sure that funding from the PPRTA will not be used to substitute for or reduce Colorado Springs’ funding to the existing transit system, or to substitute for or reduce any member government’s funding for maintenance activities.