PPRTA-2 Capital Projects (2015-2024)

2015 - 2024 Project NameProject NumberProject DescriptionProject PriorityEstimated Project CostProject Status
Black Forest Rd. Roadway Improvements: Woodmen Rd.to Research Pkwy. (Joint project)1Widen the Road and add Intersection ImprovementsPriority A35293970Construction
Stapleton Dr./Briargate Blvd. Corridor Study2Corridor StudyPriority A1100000Design
Tutt Blvd. Extension: Dublin Blvd. to Templeton Gap Rd. Joint project)3New 4-lane arterial streetPriority A5279518Phase I Complete, Phase II design
W. Colorado Ave. Reconstruction: 31st St. to US 2443-lane cross-section, with curb/gutter/sidewalk and bike lanesPriority A36498033Completed
Academy Blvd.: Bijou St. to Airport Rd. Pavement Reconstruction5Complete reconstruction of pavementPriority A13985734Design
Academy Blvd.: Fountain Blvd. to Milton Proby Pkwy. Pavement Reconstruction6Complete reconstruction of pavementPriority A38729331Design
S. Academy Blvd.: I-25 to Bradley Rd. Ramps7Bridge rehab., Widening Intersection, Fountain Creek Scour ProtectionPriority A45332448Design
Academy Blvd. Over Cottonwood Creek Bridge Rehabilitation8Widen and add tunnel for Cottonwood TrailPriority A9180000Complete
ADA-Paratransit Bus System Vehicle Replacement9Purchase BusesPriority A1881471Not Started
Airport Rd. Over Spring Creek Bridge Replacement10Replace 1973 bridgePriority A7159595Constuction
Barnes Rd. Roadway Improvements: Solar Ridge Dr. to Powers Blvd.11Widen to 6 lanes from Powers to Rio Vista, then 4 lanes to JeffreyPriority A4050000Complete
Beacon Lite Rd.: Highway 105 to Countyline Rd.12Paving the Existing Gravel RoadPriority A11361000Design
Belvedere Ave. Widening Phase I (Green Mountain Falls)13Add pedestrian walkway as part of the roadwayPriority A226000Complete
Centennial Blvd. Extension: Fillmore St. to Fontanero St.14New 2-lane street where none existsPriority A24056802Construction
Centennial Blvd.: Garden Of The Gods Rd. to Fillmore St. Pavement Reconstruction15Complete reconstruction of pavementPriority A12287810Complete
Chestnut St. Over S. Douglas Creek Bridge Replacement16Complete replacementPriority A4185460Complete
Circle Dr. Eastbound Over Fountain Creek Bridge Rehabilitation17Deck replacementPriority A10051000Design
Circle Dr. Eastbound Over Hancock Bridge Rehabilitation18Deck replacementPriority A10051000Design
Circle Dr. Westbound Over Fountain Creek Bridge Rehabilitation19Deck replacementPriority A10051000Design
Circle Dr. Westbound Over Hancock Bridge Rehabilitation20Deck replacementPriority A10051000Design
Companion Drainage Improvements for Roadway Projects21Repair Drainage Problems Under RoadwaysPriority A3296000Ongoing
Congestion and Incident Management Signal Improvements Phase I22Implement Intelligent Transportation SystemsPriority A4119970Ongoing
Cottonwood Trail Corridor Improvements2312-foot concrete segments, drainage, connectivity enhancementsPriority A600000Complete
Deer Creek Rd., Base Camp Rd., Emigrant Tr.: Monument Hill Rd.to Woodmoor Dr.24Asphalt rehabilitation and/or Roadway ReconstructionPriority A2200000Design
Dublin Blvd. Improvements: Bridle Pass Way to Powers Blvd.25Widen to 4 lanesPriority A2029165Complete
Eastonville Rd.: Mclaughlin Rd. to Latigo Blvd.26Roadway Reconstruction, Improve Intersection & DrainagePriority A17675000Design
8th St. Improvements.: Motor City Way to Fountain Creek27Sidewalks along the RoadwaysPriority A1500000Design
El Paso Blvd. Bridge Over Fountain Creek Tributary Replacement28Replace bridgePriority A707600Design
Emergency Bridge Fund29Replacing Mark Dabling Culverts north of Garden of the Gods RoadPriority A14240638Ongoing
Enchanted Cl. Over Sand Creek Tributary Bridge Replacement30Replace concrete pipePriority A500000Complete
Fixed-Route Bus System Vehicle Replacement31Purchase BusesPriority A6753622Ongoing
Fontaine Blvd. At Security Blvd. and Widefield Blvd.32Intersection ImprovementsPriority A1250000Design
Galley Rd. Over Sand Creek Bridge Replacement33Replace 1965 bridgePriority A5706378Design
Highway 105: I-25 to Highway 8334Capacity and safety improvementsPriority A19500000Design
I-25 Ramps: South Nevada Ave./ Tejon St. Corridor Improvements35Reconstruct ramps to improve traffic flowPriority A8661497Design
Intersection Improvements Phase I36Intersection ImprovementsPriority A10240697Ongoing
Las Vegas St./Royer Union Pacific Rr Crossing Relocation37Relocate crossing to allow for safe at-grade crossing by large trucksPriority A9186076Design
Main St. at Security Blvd.38Intersection Improvements, including SignalsPriority A750000Design
Manitou Ave. West End Pedestrian and Drainage Improvements39Sidewalks, curb/gutter, storm drainage, landscapingPriority A1600000Construction
Manitou Springs Downtown Sidewalk, Drainage and Utilities Improvements40Sidewalks, curb/gutter, storm drainage, landscapingPriority A1500000Ongoing
Manitou Springs Transit Shuttle and Surface or Structure Parking41Establish a transit shuttle program with parking facilitiesPriority A1400000Ongoing
Meridian Rd./Mclaughlin Rd. Roundabout42Reconstructing roundaboutPriority A5226000Complete
Mesa Ridge Pkwy. Improvements: Powers Blvd. to Marksheffel Rd.43Roadway Widening, New Bridge and Intersection ImprovementsPriority A10015000Design
Midland Trail Improvements: Ridge Rd. to Columbia St.44Improvements on North side of Colorado Avenue and South of US 24Priority A450000Not Started
Monument Hill Rd.: County Line Rd. to Woodmoor Dr.-Phase I45Construct safety improvements, better sight distances and drainagePriority A11683852Complete
New Meridian Rd. At US-2446Reconstructing the intersectionPriority A5120000Construction
Old Ranch Rd. Improvements And Bridge Construction47Partial Funding of CDOT OverpassPriority A10031668Complete
On Street Bikeway Improvements Phase I48Improve access to Off-Street Trails from RoadwaysPriority A4720727Ongoing
Pedestrian Transportation Improvements Phase I49Sidewalks to complete Key LinksPriority A7146635Ongoing
Pikes Peak Ave.: Colorado Ave. to Printers Pkwy. Pavement Reconstruction50Complete pavement reconstructionPriority A16129048Complete
Pikes Peak Greenway Corridor Improvements51Paving, reconstruction, and connectivity enhancementsPriority A7700000Construction
Platte Ave. Connection to I-25 Study52Study possible improved connection to I-25 from Platte AvenuePriority A550000Design
Platte Ave. Corridor Improvement Study53Conduct StudyPriority A2000000Design
Platte Ave. Westbound Over Sand Creek Bridge Replacement54Replace bridge with Westbound lanesPriority A6634000Construction
Ramah: Street Overlay Program55Chip/seal overlay of 13,585 feet of existing streetsPriority A82584Complete
Roadway Safety and Traffic Operations Phase I56Intersection Improvements, Medians, ET.Priority A17700423Ongoing
Rock Island Trail Corridor Improvements57Paving, reconstruction, drainage, and connectivity enhancementsPriority A1000000Not Started
S. Cheyenne Canyon Rd. 1 Over Cheyenne Creek Bridge Replacement58Replace 1956 bridgePriority A2049898Design
School & Neighborhood Pedestrian Improvements Phase I59Sidewalks Near SchoolsPriority A4119970Ongoing
Shook's Run Bridge Corridor Study60Study possible bridge replacements from Patty Jewett to Mon. Crk.Priority A2750000Complete
Shook's Run Trail Corridor Improvements61Paving, reconstruction, drainage, and connectivity enhancementsPriority A800000Not Started
Sidewalk/Bus Stop program existing Routes62Rebuild ADA Ramps and Bus Stop PadsPriority A2000000Ongoing
Sinton Trail Corridor Improvements63Paving, reconstruction, drainage, and connectivity enhancementsPriority A600000Not Started
Stilling Basins (Roadway Drainage Improvements)64Capture stormwater from roadwaysPriority A332580Not Started
Templeton Gap Trail Corridor Improvements65Concrete paving and other improvementsPriority A600000Not Started
Traffic Signal System Upgrade (60 Locations)66Repair and Replace Dilapidated SignalsPriority A12626103Ongoing
Union Pacific RR Mainline Over Fontanero St. Bridge Replacement67Replace bridgePriority A26129933Design
Union Pacific RR Nevada and Tejon St. Crossing Reconstruction (Design Only)68DesignPriority A3550000Design
Vanpool Vehicle Replacement69Purchase VansPriority A1070001Ongoing
W. Fillmore St. Over Unnamed Channel Bridge Replacement70Replace corrugated metal pipePriority A2994970Design
Woodmen Rd. Improvements: Union Blvd. Continuous Flow Intersection71Reconstruct IntersectionPriority A9000000Complete

PPRTA-1 Capital Projects (2005-2014)

2005 - 2014 Project NameProject NumberProject DescriptionProject PriorityProject CostProject StatusStatus for Web Mapping
Baptist Road Widening1Widening of Baptist Rd. from Mitchell Ave to I-25Priority AMerged with #6CompletedCompleted
Austin Bluffs / Union Interchange2Rebuild Interchange at Austin Bluffs and UnionPriority A$35,981,318 CompletedCompleted
Woodmen Road Widening & Interchange3Woodmen Rd. Widening & Interchange from I-25 to Powers Blvd.Priority A$39,191,137 UnderwayCompleted
Cimarron Street Bridge at Conejos Street4Cimarron St. Bridge at Conejos St.Priority A$8,050,871 CompletedCompleted
South Metro Accessibility - Phase 15Joint City/County South Metro Accessibility Phase 1 from State Hwy. 115 to Powers Blvd.Priority A$77,725,976 CompletedCompleted
Baptist Road Railroad Crossing Overpass6Rebuild Baptist Road Railroad CrossingPriority A$11,185,970 CompletedCompleted
Austin Bluffs Corridor Improvements7Austin Bluffs Corridor Improvements from Nevada Ave. to Academy Blvd.Priority A$27,085,811 CompletedCompleted
Meridian Road Extension8Meridian Rd. Extension from Falcon Hwy to US 24 Hwy.Priority A$633,114 UnderwayContinuing Projects
Baptist-Hodgen Connection9Baptist-Hodgen Connection from SH 83 Hwy to Rollercoaster Rd.Priority A$2,062,003 CompletedCompleted
County Line Road Upgrade10Upgrade County Line Rd. from I-25 to Furrow Rd.Priority A$7,031,562 CompletedCompleted
Meridian Road Widening11Meridian Rd. Widening from Woodmen Rd. to Rex Rd.Priority A$7,465,569 CompletedCompleted
Hodgen Road Arterial Upgrade12Hodgen Rd. Upgrade to Arterial from Roller Coaster Rd. to Eastonville Rd.Priority A$19,047,920 CompletedCompleted
Austin Bluffs/Nevada Improvements13Intersection Improvements at Austin Bluffs & NevadaPriority A$4,156,478 CompletedCompleted
I-25/Nevada Interchange Companion Projects14Companion Projects for the Interchange work at Nevada & Rockrimmon & I-25Priority A$2,243,720 CompletedCompleted
Fillmore /Union Intersection Improvements15Improvements at the Fillmore /Union IntersectionPriority A$2,117,399 CompletedCompleted
Congestion/Incident Mgmt. & Signal Improvement16Implement Traffic Efficiency MeasuresPriority A$2,599,454 CompletedCompleted
Powers Blvd. ROW Protection/Acquisition17Powers Blvd. Right of Way Protection/Acquisition from Woodmen Rd. to State Highway 16Priority A$6,105,091 CompletedCompleted
Stapleton/Judge Orr Extension18Stapleton/Judge Orr extension from Eastonville Rd. to US 24 Hwy.Priority A$2,343,267 CompletedCompleted
Baptist Road Widening19Baptist Road Widening from I-25 to Tari Dr.Priority A$8,568,100 CompletedCompleted
Struthers/Jackson Creek Extension20Struthers / Jackson Creek extension from Falcon's Nest to Baptist Rd.Priority A$3,714,500 CompletedCompleted
Fillmore Street Corridor21Fillmore St. Corridor from I-25 to Centennial Blvd.Priority A$7,088,737 CompletedCompleted
Austin Bluffs Corridor Improvements22Austin Bluffs Corridor Improvements from Barnes Rd. to Old Farm Rd.Priority A$4,851,943 CompletedCompleted
Marksheffel Road Widening & Extension23Marksheffel Rd. Widening & Extension from Peterson AFB East Gate to Black Forest Rd.Priority A$23,912,710 UnderwayContinuing Projects
Academy/Fountain Safety Improvements24Safety Improvements at the intersection of Academy/FountainPriority A$917,400 CompletedCompleted
Marksheffel Road Widening25Marksheffel Rd. Widening from Mesa Ridge Pkwy. to SH 94Priority A$32,231,078 CompletedCompleted
Stapleton/Judge Orr Extension26Stapleton/Judge Orr Extension from Curtis Rd. to US 24 Hwy.Priority A$4,970,735 CompletedCompleted
Roadway Safety & Traffic Operations27Intersection Improvements, Medians, Etc.Priority A$11,478,156 CompletedCompleted
On-Street Bikeway Improvements28Improve Access to Off-Street Trails from RoadwaysPriority A$1,116,544 CompletedCompleted
Austin Bluffs Bridge Widening29Austin Bluffs Bridge Widening at Cottonwood CreekPriority A$4,075,587 CompletedCompleted
Vincent Drive Bridge at Cottonwood Creek30Vincent Dr. Bridge at Cottonwood CreekPriority A$5,803,037 CompletedCompleted
30th Street Corridor Safety Improvements3130th St. Corridor Safety Improvements from Garden of the Gods to Mesa Rd.Priority A$36,531 CompletedCompleted
Akers Drive32Akers Dr. from Constitution Ave. to N. CarefreePriority A$1,714,614 CompletedCompleted
Hancock Avenue Bridge at Templeton Gap33Hancock Ave. Bridge at Templeton GapPriority A$4,848,952 CompletedCompleted
Union/Palmer Park Intersection Improvements34Union/Palmer Park Intersection ImprovementsPriority A$150,817 CompletedCompleted
25th St. Bridge at Fountain Creek3525th St. Bridge at Fountain CreekPriority A$136,492 CompletedCompleted
Constitution/Circle Drive Improvements36Constitution/Circle Dr. Intersection ImprovementsPriority A$1,524,261 CompletedCompleted
Fillmore Street37Fillmore St. from Templeton Gap to HancockPriority A$607,798 CompletedCompleted
Garden of the Gods/Chestnut Improvements38Garden of the Gods\Chestnut Intersection ImprovementsPriority A$431,972 CompletedCompleted
Fillmore/El Paso Street Improvements39Fillmore/El Paso St. Intersection ImprovementsPriority A$497,329 CompletedCompleted
Vincent Drive Extension40Vincent Dr. Extension from Nevada Ave. to Dublin Blvd.Priority A$8,679,932 CompletedCompleted
Constitution/Chelton Road Improvements41Constitution/Chelton Rd. Intersection ImprovementsPriority A$27,550 CompletedCompleted
Pikes Peak Greenway Improvements42Pikes Peak Greenway Improvements at Various Sections of the GreenwayPriority A$1,253,288 OngoingContinuing Projects
Academy Blvd./Pikes Peak Improvements43Academy Blvd./Pikes Peak Intersection ImprovementsPriority A$962,941 CompletedCompleted
Ute Pass Avenue Widening & Improvements44Ute Pass Ave. Widening/ImprovementsPriority A$304,321 CompletedCompleted
Manitou Avenue Improvements45Manitou Ave. ImprovementsPriority A$3,003,125 CompletedCompleted