PPRTA-1 Capital Projects (2005-2014)

2005 - 2014 Project NameProject NumberProject DescriptionProject PriorityProject CostProject StatusStatus for Web Mapping
Baptist Road Widening1Widening of Baptist Rd. from Mitchell Ave to I-25Priority AMerged with #6CompletedCompleted
Austin Bluffs / Union Interchange2Rebuild Interchange at Austin Bluffs and UnionPriority A$35,981,318 CompletedCompleted
Woodmen Road Widening & Interchange3Woodmen Rd. Widening & Interchange from I-25 to Powers Blvd.Priority A$38,728,595 UnderwayContinuing Projects
Cimarron Street Bridge at Conejos Street4Cimarron St. Bridge at Conejos St.Priority A$8,050,871 CompletedCompleted
South Metro Accessibility - Phase 15Joint City/County South Metro Accessibility Phase 1 from State Hwy. 115 to Powers Blvd.Priority A$77,725,976 CompletedCompleted
Baptist Road Railroad Crossing Overpass6Rebuild Baptist Road Railroad CrossingPriority A$10,641,241 CompletedCompleted
Austin Bluffs Corridor Improvements7Austin Bluffs Corridor Improvements fromNevada Ave. to Academy Blvd.Priority A$28,132,154 CompletedCompleted
Meridian Road Extension8Meridian Rd. Extension from Falcon Hwy to US 24 Hwy.Priority A$513,411 UnderwayContinuing Projects
Baptist-Hodgen Connection9Baptist-Hodgen Connection from SH 83 Hwy to Rollercoaster Rd.Priority A$2,062,003 CompletedCompleted
County Line Road Upgrade10Upgrade County Line Rd. from I-25 to Furrow Rd.Priority A$7,060,000 CompletedCompleted
Meridian Road Widening11Meridian Rd. Widening from Woodmen Rd. to Rex Rd.Priority A$7,465,569 CompletedCompleted
Hodgen Road Arterial Upgrade12Hodgen Rd. Upgrade to Arterial from Roller Coaster Rd. to Eastonville Rd.Priority A$19,047,920 CompletedCompleted
Austin Bluffs/Nevada Improvements13Intersection Improvements at Austin Bluffs & NevadaPriority A$4,156,478 CompletedCompleted
I-25/Nevada Interchange Companion Projects14Companion Projects for the Interchange work at Nevada & Rockrimmon & I-25Priority A$2,243,720 CompletedCompleted
Fillmore /Union Intersection Improvements15Improvements at the Fillmore /Union IntersectionPriority A$2,117,399 CompletedCompleted
Powers Blvd. ROW Protection/Acquisition17Powers Blvd. Right of Way Protection/Acquisition fromWoodmen Rd. to State Highway 16Priority A$6,105,091 CompletedCompleted
Stapleton/Judge Orr Extension18Stapleton/Judge Orr extension from Eastonville Rd. to US 24 Hwy.Priority A$2,343,267 CompletedCompleted
Baptist Road Widening19Baptist Road Widening from I-25 to Tari Dr.Priority A$8,568,100 CompletedCompleted
Struthers/Jackson Creek Extension20Struthers / Jackson Creek extension from Falcon's Nest to Baptist Rd.Priority A$3,714,500 CompletedCompleted
Fillmore Street Corridor21Fillmore St. Corridor from I-25 to Centennial Blvd.Priority A$7,088,737 CompletedCompleted
Austin Bluffs Corridor Improvements22Austin Bluffs Corridor Improvements from Barnes Rd. to Old Farm Rd.Priority A$4,805,600 CompletedCompleted
Marksheffel Road Widening & Extension23Marksheffel Rd. Widening & Extension from Peterson AFB East Gate to Black Forest Rd.Priority A$19,100,209 CompletedCompleted
Academy/Fountain Safety Improvements24Safety Improvements at the intersection of Academy/FountainPriority A$917,400 CompletedCompleted
Marksheffel Road Widening25Marksheffel Rd. Widening from Mesa Ridge Pkwy. to SH 94Priority A$32,231,078 CompletedCompleted
Stapleton/Judge Orr Extension26Stapleton/Judge Orr Extension from Curtis Rd. to US 24 Hwy.Priority A$5,062,000 CompletedCompleted
Austin Bluffs Bridge Widening29Austin Bluffs Bridge Widening at Cottonwood CreekPriority A$4,133,836 CompletedCompleted
Vincent Drive Bridge at Cottonwood Creek30Vincent Dr. Bridge at Cottonwood CreekPriority A$6,207,330 CompletedCompleted
30th Street Corridor Safety Improvements3130th St. Corridor Safety Improvements from Garden of the Gods to Mesa Rd.Priority A$36,531 CompletedCompleted
Akers Drive32Akers Dr. from Constitution Ave. to N. CarefreePriority A$1,714,614 CompletedCompleted
Hancock Avenue Bridge at Templeton Gap33Hancock Ave. Bridge at Templeton GapPriority A$4,848,952 CompletedCompleted
Union/Palmer Park Intersection Improvements34Union/Palmer Park Intersection ImprovementsPriority A$150,817 CompletedCompleted
25th St. Bridge at Fountain Creek3525th St. Bridge at Fountain CreekPriority A$136,493 CompletedCompleted
Constitution/Circle Drive Improvements36Constitution/Circle Dr. Intersection ImprovementsPriority A$1,524,261 CompletedCompleted
Fillmore Street37Fillmore St. from Templeton Gap to HancockPriority A$607,798 CompletedCompleted
Garden of the Gods/Chestnut Improvements38Garden of the Gods\Chestnut Intersection ImprovementsPriority A$431,972 CompletedCompleted
Fillmore/El Paso Street Improvements39Fillmore/El Paso St. Intersection ImprovementsPriority A$497,329 CompletedCompleted
Vincent Drive Extension40Vincent Dr. Extension from Nevada Ave. to Dublin Blvd.Priority A$8,679,932 CompletedCompleted
Constitution/Chelton Road Improvements41Constitution/Chelton Rd. Intersection ImprovementsPriority A$27,550 CompletedCompleted
Pikes Peak Greenway Improvements42Pikes Peak Greenway Improvements at Various Sections of the GreenwayPriority A$1,253,286 OngoingContinuing Projects
Academy Blvd./Pikes Peak Improvements43Academy Blvd./Pikes Peak Intersection ImprovementsPriority A$962,941 CompletedCompleted
Ute Pass Aveenue Widening & Improvements44Ute Pass Ave. Widening/ImprovementsPriority A$304,320 CompletedCompleted
Manitou Avenue Improvements45Manitou Ave. ImprovementsPriority A$3,003,125 CompletedCompleted

PPRTA-2 Capital Projects (2015-2024)

2015 - 2024 Project NameProject NumberProject DescriptionProject PriorityProject CostProject StatusStatus For Web Mapping
Black Forest Rd. Roadway Improvements: Woodmen Rd.to Research Pkwy.1Priority A$12,400,000Not StartedNot started
Stapleton Dr./Briargate Blvd. Corridor Study2Conduct StudyPriority A$1,100,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Tutt Blvd. Extension: Dublin Blvd. to Templeton Gap Rd.3New 4-lane arterial streetPriority A$1,948,000Design Complete; Right-of-way Acquistion OngoingProject Underway
W. Colorado Ave. Reconstruction: 31st St. to US 2443-lane cross-section, with curb/gutter/sidewalk and bike lanesPriority A$320,402,745Construction OngoingContinuing Projects
Academy Blvd.: Bijou St. to Airport Rd. Pavement Reconstruction5Complete reconstruction of pavementPriority A$3,817,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Academy Blvd.: Fountain Blvd. to Milton Proby Pkwy. Pavement Reconstruction6Complete reconstruction of pavementPriority A$15,200,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Academy Blvd.: I-25 to Bradley Rd. Ramps7Priority A$18,000,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Academy Blvd. Over Cottonwood Creek Bridge Rehabilitation8Widen and add tunnel for Cottonwood TrailPriority A$6,000,000Design=60% complete; construction to start 1/18Project Underway
Airport Rd. Over Spring Creek Bridge Replacement10Replace 1973 bridgePriority A$1,584,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Barnes Rd. Roadway Improvements: Solar Ridge Dr. to Powers Blvd.11Widen to 6 lanes from Powers to Rio Vista, then 4 lanes to JeffreyPriority A$2,420,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Beacon Lite Rd.: Highway 105 to Countyline Rd.12Paving the Existing Gravel RoadPriority A$4,361,000Not StartedNot Started
Belvedere Ave. Widening Phase I (Green Mountain Falls)13Add pedestrian walkway as part of the roadwayPriority A$226,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Centennial Blvd. Extension: Fillmore St. to Fontanero St.14New 2-lane street where none existsPriority A$17,000,000Construction Phase I=Fall 2017; Design Phase II continuingContinuing Projects
Centennial Blvd.: Garden Of The Gods Rd. to Fillmore St. Pavement Reconstruction15Complete reconstruction of pavementPriority A$12,000,000Construction is completedCompleted
Chestnut St. Over S. Douglas Creek Bridge Replacement16Complete replacementPriority A$4,085,000CompletedCompleted
Circle Dr. Eastbound Over Fountain Creek Bridge Rehabilitation17Deck replacementPriority A$3,300,000Not StartedNot Started
Circle Dr. Eastbound Over Hancock Bridge Rehabilitation18Deck replacementPriority A$3,300,000Not StartedNot Started
Circle Dr. Westbound Over Fountain Creek Bridge Rehabilitation19Deck replacementPriority A$3,300,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Circle Dr. Westbound Over Hancock Bridge Rehabilitation20Deck replacementPriority A$3,300,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Cottonwood Trail Corridor Improvements2312-foot concrete segments, drainage, connectivity enhancementsPriority A$600,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Deer Creek Rd., Base Camp Rd., Emigrant Tr.: Monument Hill Rd.to Woodmoor Dr.24Priority A$200,000Not StartedNot Started
Dublin Blvd. Improvements: Bridle Pass Way to Powers Blvd.25Widen to 4 lanesPriority A$2,600,000Final Design OngoingProject Underway
Eastonville Rd.: Mclaughlin Rd. to Latigo Blvd.26Priority A$8,525,000Not StartedNot Started
8th St. Improvements.: Motor City Way to Fountain Creek27Priority A$1,500,000Ready to StartReady To Start
El Paso Blvd. Bridge Over Fountain Creek Tributary Replacement28Replace bridgePriority A$457,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Emergency Bridge Fund29Replacing Mark Dabling Culverts north of Garden of the Gods RoadPriority A$5,993,000Under ConstructionContinuing Projects
Enchanted Cl. Over Sand Creek Tributary Bridge Replacement30Replace concrete pipePriority A$500,000Construction to start in the fall of 2017Ready To Start
Fontaine Blvd. At Security Blvd. and Widefield Blvd.32Priority A$1,250,000Not StartedNot Started
Galley Rd. Over Sand Creek Bridge Replacement33Replace 1965 bridgePriority A$1,936,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Highway 105: I-25 to Highway 8334Capacity and safety improvementsPriority A$18,314,000Design OngoingProject Underway
I-25 Ramps: South Nevada Ave./ Tejon St. Corridor Improvements35Reconstruct ramps to improve traffic flowPriority A$5,500,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Las Vegas St./Royer Union Pacific Rr Crossing Relocation37Relocate crossing to allow for safe at-grade crossing by large trucksPriority A$5,500,000Final Design OngoingProject Underway
Main St. at Security Blvd.38Priority A$750,000Not StartedNot Started
Manitou Ave. West End Pedestrian and Drainage Improvements39Sidewalks, curb/gutter, storm drainage, landscapingPriority A$935,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Manitou Springs Downtown Sidewalk, Drainage and Utilities Improvements40Sidewalks, curb/gutter, storm drainage, landscapingPriority A$768,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Manitou Springs Transit Shuttle and Surface or Structure Parking41Establish a transit shuttle program with parking facilitiesPriority A$668,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Meridian Rd./Mclaughlin Rd. Roundabout42Reconstructing roundaboutPriority A$2,376,000Design OngoingProject Underway
Mesa Ridge Pkwy. Improvements: Powers Blvd. to Marksheffel Rd.43Priority A$9,975,000Not StartedNot Started
Midland Trail Improvements: Ridge Rd. to Columbia St.44Improvements on North side of Colorado Avenue and South of US 24Priority A$450,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Monument Hill Rd.: County Line Rd. to Woodmoor Dr.45Construct safety improvements, better sight distances and drainagePriority A$3,965,000Projects underwayProject Underway
New Meridian Rd. At US-2446Reconstructing the intersectionPriority A$4,608,000Projects underwayProject Underway
Old Ranch Rd. Improvements And Bridge Construction47Partial Funding of CDOT OverpassPriority A$8,600,000CompletedCompleted
Pikes Peak Ave.: Colorado Ave. to Printers Pkwy. Pavement Reconstruction50Complete pavement reconstructionPriority A$16,558,000Construction is underwayProject Underway
Pikes Peak Greenway Corridor Improvements51Paving, reconstruction, and connectivity enhancementsPriority A$3,921,000Projects underwayProject Underway
Platte Ave. Connection to I-25 Study52Study possible improved connenction to I-25 from Platte AvenuePriority A$550,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Platte Ave. Corridor Improvement Study53Conduct StudyPriority A$2,200,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Platte Ave. Westbound Over Sand Creek Bridge Replacement54Replace bridge with Westbound lanesPriority A$5,874,000Design OngoingProject Underway
Ramah: Street Overlay Program55Chip/seal overlay of 13,585 feet of existing streetsPriority A$72,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Rock Island Trail Corridor Improvements57Paving, reconstruction, drainage, and connectivity enhancementsPriority A$1,000,000Ready to StartReady To Start
S. Cheyenne Canyon Rd. 1 Over Cheyenne Creek Bridge Replacement58Replace 1956 bridgePriority A$410,000Not StartedNot Started
Shook's Run Bridge Corridor Study60Study possible bridge replacements from Patty Jewett to Mon. Crk.Priority A$2,750,000Plan CompleteProject Underway
Shook's Run Trail Corridor Improvements61Paving, reconstruction, drainage, and connectivity enhancementsPriority A$800,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Sinton Trail Corridor Improvements63Paving, reconstruction, drainage, and connectivity enhancementsPriority A$600,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Stilling Basins (Roadway Drainage Improvements)64Capture stormwater from roadwaysPriority A$97,000Not StartedNot Started
Templeton Gap Trail Corridor Improvements65Concrete paving and other improvementsPriority A$600,000Ready to StartReady To Start
Union Pacific RR Mainline Over Fontanero St. Bridge Replacement67Replace bridgePriority A$2,750,000Not StartedNot Started
Union Pacific RR Nevada and Tejon St. Crossing Reconstruction (Design Only)68DesignPriority A$3,300,000Ready to StartReady To Start
W. Fillmore St. Over Unnamed Channel Bridge Replacement70Replace corrugated metal pipePriority A$1,000,000Not StartedNot Started
Woodmen Rd. Improvements: Union Blvd. Continuous Flow Intersection71Reconstruct IntersectionPriority A$9,000,000Construction OngoingProject Underway